Brigadier General Justin Stoll

BG Justin Stoll

Justin W. Stoll was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 7, 1910. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1933. There he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Field.

In August 1940 he entered upon extended active duty with the 9th Infantry Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and participated in the North African invasion on November 8, 1942 as Commanding Officer 84th Field Artillery Battalion, 9th Infantry Division. He remained with the same division as a Battalion Commander and Division Artillery Executive Officer through the Morocco-Algeria, Tunisia Sicily, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland Ardennes, and Central Europe campaigns. After World War II in May 1946, General Stoll was transferred to the Field Artillery Replacement Training Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. When this headquarters was inactivated in June 1946, he was assigned to the 25th Infantry Combat Team at Fort Benning, Georgia. In October 1946 he became the PMS&T at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia, after which he was assigned as Assistant G-3, Headquarters Third Army, Fort McPherson, Georgia in October 1947. In September 1949, General Stoll was appointed to the Staff and Faculty, C&GSC, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, after which he attended the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania and graduated in 1953.

In September 1953, he was assigned to the USAREUR Communications Zone, serving consecutively as Chief of Staff, Base Section, at La Rochelle, France and G-3 and Deputy Chief of Staff, USAREUR Communications Zone at Orleans, France. Returning to the United States in 1956, he became the Deputy Post Commander and Chief of Staff, Fort Gordon, Georgia in August of that year. In July 1957, he became Post Commander, Fort Gordon, Georgia.

In January 1958 he was transferred to Fort Riley, Kansas and became the Executive Officer, 1st Infantry Division Artillery. He was assigned as Deputy Chief, Army Reserve and ROTC Affairs in August 1959, and to the Organization of JCS in 1960. There he served in the Western Hemisphere Branch and as Executive Officer, Office of the Special Assistant for Military Assistance Affairs until 1962. General Stoll’s next assignment was to Korea as Division Artillery Commander, 7th Infantry Division from July 1962 to July 1963. His final assignment was with Headquarters 31st Artillery Brigade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He died in Alexandria, Virginia in 1996.

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